the final statement about the Berlin Jazzfest 2013

"Auf der Bühne macht es sich ein Dackel namens Theo neben dem Schlagzeug bequem.
Womit bewiesen wäre, was man in Berlin schon immer wusste und in diesem Jahr fröhlich verdrängt hat: Freejazz ist keine Katzenmusik."
"On stage, it makes a dachshund named Theo next to the drums comfortable.
What would be proved what we always knew in Berlin and has displaced happy this year: free jazz is no caterwauling."
~ Joseph Engels, die Welt, 5.11.2013

recycled site

just recycled my site...does mean a totally refreshed site.
not everything finished yet...but will happen soon...
and the site hopefully will be a library of my work
hope you'll enjoy...




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