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keys & screws:

»» 2017:
»» 5. Mai ~ Berlin, House of Life, with Jan Roder
»» 10. Juni ~ Peitz N° 54, Festival, with Double Bass
»» 19. Juni ~ Berlin, B-flat, with Double Bass
»» 15. September ~ Berlin, Aufsturz, with Max Johnson



ruf der heimat:

»» 2017:
»» 5. Mai ~ Berlin, House of Life, feat. Heinz Sauer (!)
»» 12. August ~ Berlin, Jazz am Kaisersteg
»» 17. September ~ Berlin, B-flat feat. Max Johnson
»» 7. November ~ Berlin, A-trane


»» September 2015:
»» 25. Zoglau, Zoglau3
»» 26. Nigglmühle (20 Jahre Konzerte in der Mühle), Bernbeuren
»» 27. Weikersheim, Club W71



China-Tour September w/ boom box



New York Tenor Saxophone Festival at Ibeam, Jan 29-31, 2015

Friday, January 30
10 pm – Thomas Borgmann, Ken Filiano, Reggie Nicholson

Saturday, January 31
9 pm – Thomas Borgmann Trio with Max Johnson, Willi Kellers


Friday January 9th 2015 - 21:00 at AUFSTURZ, Berlin [Oranienburgerstr. 67]

just 60: Thomas Borgmann
stay tuned for the rest of the story…

Thomas Borgmann – reeds
Luten Petrowsky – reeds
Adam Pultz Melbye- bass
Christoph Winckel – bass
Jan Roder – bass
Tony Buck – drums
Willi Kellers – drums

organic the first set: a trio & a drum duo & another trio
free the second set: a quartet & a bass trio & the end

It is the voice inside the voice encountering the ear inside the ear, as reminisced by Khalil Gibran, the prophet, in Jackie McLean’s song.
There was a moment in Denis Charles last concert in Weiden, in 1998, when everybody could hear how he puts his drumsticks down, takes his mallets, hits the cymbal with one single beat, when bassist Wilber Morris suggests a subtle downward line, still undecided where to go, as such a voice rises.
Soprano saxophone, air, moist reeds. One sound. Three tones, reiterating the bass motif.

All of a sudden, a sound fills the room – echoing something but still determined to stand alone. Whoever doesn’t have at least one hair stand on end doesn’t have a single one left.
And no ear inside the ear. A short motif only, found and agreed, a couple of last beats on the cymbals. This moment – played by BMC Trio, live – embodies all of Thomas Borgmann.
The way he fits in, the way he sticks out. His tone, elaborate magic, developed over many years, fills the room.

His themes, motifs, lines and stories are solid enough to stand alone and yet arise from inventions and constructions of others.
A voice, still eager to sing, in and above the laissez-faire (Charles & Morris), the impulsive (Reggie Nicholson & Wilber Morris), the crazy (Tony Buck & Joe Williamson) and the elegant (Willi Kellers & Akira Ando) nexus of the others; a voice responding to Petrowsky’s weird interludes and striking a different, gentler song; a voice countering Brötzmann’s existential shrieking.
Sing your song, black bird.

Some of the many outstanding musicians performing this evening have been a part of the instrumental choir before. Others, like Danish bassist Adam Pultz Melibye, will discover their ear inside the ear.
When this voice turns 60. Dankeschön.
~ Jan Künemund (translation by Ingrid Müller)

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w/ tony buck - drums & rory brown - bass

»» January 9th 2014, Berlin


boom box:

»» next tour april / mai 2013 »» 26-04-2013 weikersheim »» 27-04-2013 nigglmühle, bernbeuren »» to be continued

»» next tour september 2013 »» 12-9-2013 hofheim »» 13-09-2013 münchen »» 14-09-2013 nürnberg (...) »» to be continued

»» 8-06-2013 Peitz N° 50 Festival

»» 4-11-2013 berlin, b-flat

»» 2-12-2013 münster, landesmuseum



ruf der heimat:

»» November 1st 2013 JAZZFEST Berlin
»» December 27./28. 2013 Berlin     HEIMAT+ (feat. Christof Thewes - trombone)
»» January 13th 2014 at Gladhouse, Cottbus     21 years ruf der heimat
»» March 19th 2014 at IG Jazz, Freiberg/Sachsen     feat. Christof Thewes
»» March 20th 2014 at Dieselstrasse, Stuttgart/Esslingen     feat. Christof Thewes



thomas borgmann - jan roder

»» July 21st 2013 at Jazzgalerie am Spreeknie, Berlin



neandertalbaby - monolog von heidi von plato
regie: veronika nowag-jones, sprecher: christian meyer, musik: thomas borgmann

»» May 25th 2013 at Jolesch, Berlin




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