sirone sextet

Sirone Sextet - Live In Berlin – Ballhaus 1987 (180 gram vinyl)
w/ Sirone, Jason Hwang, Anthony Brown, Nick Steinhaus, Jacques Nobili, Thomas Borgmann


This Sextet was good for six concerts, three in New York (including an incredible show at the Studio Museum for black art's in Harlem) and three in Berlin.

"A lost live set from bassist Sirone – recorded in Germany – but every bit as compelling as his rare American albums from the 70s!
There's a nicely loose feel here – a mix of loft jazz with some harder free improv modes – and the lineup includes Sirone on bass, Jason Hwang on violin, Thomas Borgmann on soprano sax, Jacques Nobili on trombone, Nick Steinhaus on alto, and Anthony Brown on drums.
Tunes are quite long, and move very organically – and Sirone's bass has this powerful energy that seems to direct things even more than usual – helping bring a good sense of soul and structure to the tunes "Getting It Together" and "Illusions Of Reality".
~ (Dusty Groove America)






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