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"It will take much more than a ‘Washington read’ of Thomas Borgmann’s résumé to experience the breadth and scope of his dedication to modern music, his grasp of tonal colour, the vivid timbre of his saxophones and his gift for both the vigour and gentleness of the rounded note.
However, it only takes a few bars of ‘One for Cisco’ for a listener – not just the trained ear – to marvel at all these qualities as the notes in question emerge from the bell of his saxophone, rise as if they are lighter than air, pirouette like an ensemble of dancers executing a complex, balletic choreography of his own making.
(...) The result is a masterful workout of modern music both composed and improvised by three marvellous musicians."
~ Raul da Gama, 9'2016,


joel grip / willi kellers / thomas borgmann


jan roder / willi kellers / thomas borgmann


max johnson / willi kellers / thomas borgmann

»new "One for Cisco" nobusiness records


maybe uncommon but that's the next future:
based on the strong relationship with drummer Willi Kellers and the fact
that there are three great, fine basses around we like to play with...
and the fact we love them all...we decide to play with them all.

just listen the new voices in the trio:
joel grip      jan roder       max johnson

keys & screws double bass
w/ willi kellers, joel grip, jan roder

»live @ b-flat,Berlin, june 2017

...and if the world would be easy to play...
We would love to go around with the last version.


~ Kai Dieckmann about Festival Peitz 2017



...great set of 233 fotos by Peter Gannushkin
 Thomas Borgmann Trio w/ Max Johnson, IBeam, January 31, 2015 






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