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Ruf der Heimat ~ Secrets ~     JW 202
w/ christof thewes, jan roder & willi kellers

keys & screws ~ some more jazz ~
NBLP 133    w/ jan roder & willi kellers

One for Cisco   NBLP 91
w/ max johnson & willi kellers

Nasty & Sweet   NBLP 57/58
w/ wilber morris & reggie nicholson

boom box - jazz   jw106
w/ akira ando & willi kellers

sirone sextet    sas 13
w/ sirone, jason hwang, anthony brown, jacques nobili, nick steinhaus

bmc trio, live in poland    sas 5
rereleased as CD NotTwo Records
w/ wilber morris & denis charles

bmn trio, live at tunnel   qbico 86
w/ wilber morris & reggie nicholson

sehnsucht nach theo    soundstudio
w/ ernst-ludwig. petrowsky, willi kellers, christoph winckel

this is storehouse music    vhs leer
compilation a.o. borgmann & bmn trio

gebäude 9    rat tomago
w/ frank köllges, frank gratkowski,
thomas borgmann, dr. borg

cooler suite    grob 539
w/ brötzmann, william parker,
rashied bakr

bmc trio   silkheart 103
w/ wilber morris & denis charles  

you see what we're sayin?   cimp#188
w/ wilber morris & reggie nicholson

organic    tls009
w/ wilber morris & denis charles

stalker songs    cimp #160
w/ brötzmann, wilber morris,
denis charles

blue zoo    kcd 5074
w/ brötzmann & borah bergman

boom swing    kcd 5082
w/ wilber morris & denis charles

ride into the blue    kcd 5069
w/ brötzmann & borah bergman

orkestra kth 'n kin    cjr 1081
w/ hans reichel, lol coxhill, dietmar diesner, pat thomas, mark sanders ...

maschine kaput    kcd 5070
w/ brötzmann, willi kellers,
christoph winckel

erste heimat     kcd 5067
w/ ernst-ludwig petrowsky, willi kellers,
christoph winckel


Discography (selected)

  • Orkestra Kith'N Kin (1995), with Hans Reichel, Lol Coxhill, Dietmar Diesner, Mark Sanders, Martin Mayes, Pat Thomas, Eric Balke, Jonas Ackerblom, and Christoph Winckel, Cadence Jazz Records, (USA)
  • Machine Kaput (1996), with Peter Brötzmann, Willi Kellers, and Christoph Winckel, as Ruf der Heimat
  • Cooler Suite (1997), with Brötzmann, William Parker, and Rashied Bakr
  • 'BMN Trio ...You See What We Sayin’? (1999), with Wilber Morris and Reggie Nicholson, CIMP, (USA)
  • Live at Tunnel (2000), BMN-Trio (with Wilber Morris and Reggie Nicholson), Qbico Records (Italy)
  • The Last Concert (2000), with Wilber Morris and Denis Charles, Silkheart Records, (USA)
  • boom box — jazz (2011), boom box (with Willi Kellers and Akira Ando), jazzwerkstatt (Germany)





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