Cadence Jazz Records CJR 1081

Thomas Borgmann's Orkestra Kith 'n Kin


Hans Reichel, guitar, daxophone
Thomas Borgmann, sopranino and tenor saxophone
Lol Coxhill, soprano saxophone
Erik Balke, sopranino and alto saxophone
Dietmar Diesner, soprano and alto saxophone
Jonas Akerblom, bass saxophone
Martin Mayes, French horn
Pat Thomas, piano, electronics
Christoph Winckel, bass
Mark Sanders, drums, percussion.

  • Two lines for Nick (58.56)
  • The boom box (10.04)
  • Recorded on 31 May 1995 at the Kulturhaus Peter Edel, Berlin.
  • Cover art (reproduced above) by Manuela Warstat.





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N E W S L E T T E R # 25

THOMAS BORGMANN’S ORKESTRA - Kith’n Kin (Cadence 1081)
I’ve come to know Borgmann’s sax playing only in the last few years-from his few visits to NYC-a great trio with Peter Brotzmann & Borah Bergman was one such gig (and cd).

This here cd features tentet of some of the finest Euro improvisers-Hans Reichel (on guitar & daxophone), Lol Coxhill (soprano sax) & Dietmar Diesner (soprano, alto), Pat Thomas (piano & electronics), Mark Sanders (drums) plus five other Euro cats that I’m unfamiliar with.

This entire first piece (one hour) develops very organically, instead of being a free-jazz blow fest throughout, there are moments of magical chaos balanced with many amazing solos and free-but-connected ensemble passages.

The 5 man sax section is what gives this group its unique sound-2 sopraninos, 2 sopranos and a gargantuan bass sax!! Coxhill, Diesner & Borgmann all play outstanding sax solos, as does the bass saxist.

Who really stands out the most is of course Hans Reichel on daxophone (a self-made bowed wood instrument) which sounds like the spirits of wood given voice and Pat Thomas on dense piano excursions.

The piece opens with a Braxton-like ghost trance off balanced repetition and even goes through some Brotherhood of Breath-like hypnotic jazz/funk riffs.
Not to be missed!



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