organic    bmc - trio

the lotus sound   TLS 009

Borgmann (ts, ss, soprano, harmonica)
Wilber Morris (bass)
Denis Charles (drums)

  • Down Under   18:55
  • Organic Sweet   11:50
  • Drum Story   7:49
  • Sop Song   8:52
  • Ode to Sonny   9:39

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"Founded two years ago by saxophonist Thomas Borgmann, this trio consisting of Wilber Morris, Denis Charles and Thomas have been on a nonstop musical assault ever since.
Recorded live in Karlsruhe, Germany during 1997, Organic features the trio in their environment, the improvised live setting.
Improvised free jazz that will appeal as much to fans of Coltrane's mellowest moments as those of Sun Ra's wildest."


This live date from 1997 features reedman Thomas Borgmann with bassist Wilber Morris and the late Denis Charles on drums performing in Germany. Though it was the first show of a tour, there is no hesitation on the part of the trio.
Sound begins to come from Charles, who ushers in a rubbing of his kit, a few taps to the wood, and then Borgmann enters with one short line, then a long line, then an invitation to Morris.
When the pizzicato begins, slowly at first, in tandem with Charles motioning around the kit with a loose orderly direction, it becomes Borgmann's cue to move into the space and begin to speak in those gorgeous elongated legato phrases of his, edges off the tone, but biting nonetheless.

Charles is his fixture, compelling him, edging him toward the ledge that Morris finally urges him to leap over in "Down Under." Almost 19 minutes long, this opening track better sums up the language of articulation used by this trio than anything else on the set, though all of its is worthwhile.
Other moments in the shop that offer flashes of lightning the darkness include the stunning multiphonics Borgmann employs in "Organic Sweet," and his below-the-belt Sonny Rollins low notes in "Ode to Sonny." Morris and Charles don't have to worry about containing or keeping up with Borgmann; they are deeply connected to his sound world, crisscrossing tonalities and sonorous problems with the ease of a child.

There are moments of thunder and moments of pastoral richness and pure emotion as these three take on the cosmic muse and create a series of microtonal improvisations that leave the listener stunned.
~ Thom Jurek, All Music Guide


liner notes by wilber morris

I especially remember this concert in Karlsruhe, Germany in April of '97.
It was our first tour as a trio and things were going quite well. This night in Karlsruhe there was a kind of magic in the air.
From the very first note the audience and we became one.

It was a pleasant journey into the Sound World, with the audience there every step of the way. It's also where we met Irmtrud Saarbourg, a nice lady who arranged our very comfortable stay and nice concert at The Nigglmuhle (a mill used in the last century).
It's a place at the beginning of the Bavarian Alps where Peter and Andrea Erust have a beautiful farm and give concerts. Man O Man can Andrea cook!!

The Trio would like to thank Irmtrud, Andrea and Peter, Raymond Dillman, Katharina Goth, and the young college woman who contributed the spontaneous art of The Trio (found on the cover).
From the heart. Life=Music.

Sincerely, Wilber Morris



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