Keys & Screws     ~ some more jazz ~

NoBusiness Records
Thomas Borgmann / Jan Roder / Willi Kellers album "Some More Jazz" LP.
released May 2020

Recorded on 16th May, 2017 at at SAE Studios, Berlin by Robert Oeser
Mixed by Olaf Rupp and mastered by Arunas Zujus at MAMAstudios
Design by Oskaras Anosovas
Produced by Danas Mikailionis

"Stunning, amazing, I have no words..."Apparently traditoinal", but deeply avantgardist!!!"
~ Maciej Lewenstein

Tom Hull's (village voice) strong vote gave a A-
" Nice, edgy free jazz, backing smartly away from the abyss."
"Schöner, kantiger Free Jazz, der sich geschickt vom Abgrund entfernt"

"The first record we've seen under the name of Keys & Screws, but a set that features work from reedman Thomas Borgmann – a player who always catches our ears, and who turns out some wonderful music here on tenor, soprano sax, and a toy melodica!

Borgmann has this way of delivering a line that's spacious and soulful when his bandmates might be moving in a slightly different direction – creating this personal spirit of hope and redemption amidst the darker tones of Jan Roder on bass and Willi Kellers on drums and percussion – often blown with a sense of confidence that never has him pushing too far or too fast – standing his own beautifully, and really delivering a great sense of message."
~ dusty groove, Chicago

* * * *
"(...) Ignoring the different band name and the change of bassist, the essential feature of Some More Jazz is that it adheres to the principles which underpinned Jazz; namely, it is jazz in which the players take recognisable solos, sympathetically listening to one another and responding appropriately whilst retaining their trademark sounds and styles. (...)
In particular, Roder eloquently shows that he is not just the latest bassist rotated in to join Borgmann and Kellers but a vital musician in his own right, bursting with creative ideas.
Yes, Keys and Screws is a trio of equals in which three distinct individual voices meld together into one collective voice. >br />Some More Jazz is not just the follow-up to Jazz, it is its equal...which is praise indeed.""
~ John Eyles ©

"really a fantastic album. playful elements, flutes & steel drums, then almost seamlessly a great emotional depth. work on motifs until they fly up, without redundancies, loose grooves, moments of casual beauty. already a hot candidate now: i will still be able to listen in 5 or 10 years."
~ Jan Künemund






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