thomas borgmann / reggie nicholson - drums / bernard santacruz- bass


regarding the release of nasty & sweet (bmn-trio, nobusiness-records),
we set up this new trio; available for concerts.

Bernard Santacruz is the new bass in this trio. There is a long ongoing connection to him, not at least 'cause his intensive work & productions with Denis Charles, Frank Lowe, Charles Tyler ...

just listen the new voice in the trio:
   Bernard Santacruz with Denis Charles, Frank Lowe & Tidiane Fall    (kids calypso 6'19)

   Bernard Santacruz with Denis Charles & Frank Lowe    (wheel 8'47)

   Bernard Santacruz soloing    (frank l. 3'59)

Bernard Santacruz begins the study of the bass in self-taught and amateur cheek in groups of "Alternative rock" and "Fusion" in the region of Marseille (Maldoror, Séquoïa) then enters 1986 to the Academy of Avignon in the class of Joseph Fabre's double bass as well as in the class of André Jaume's jazz.

On the occasion of internships, he studied with Charlie Haden in 1989 and Ron Carter in 1990.
After his debut with the trio "Soma" (with Jean Sebastien Simonoviez and Marc Mazzillo) in the late '80s, he began a collaboration with many musicians including Charles Tyler, Denis Charles, Frank Lowe, Sabir Mateen, Jeff Parker, Charles Gayle, Ricky Ford.
He plays for meetings with Archie Shepp, Byard Lancaster, Bobby Few, Rasul Siddik and John Tchicai.
Active in parallel on the regional and national scenes, he worked with André Jaume, Mazzillo Marc, Serge Lazarevitch, Daunik Lazro, Michel Marre, Rémi Charmasson, Joël Allouche, Stephan Oliva, Jean Bernard, Anthony Ortega, Eric Barret, Denis Fournier, Lionel Garcin Barry Altschul, Antoine lisolo, Anders Griffen, Jim Baker, Christian Rollet, Thierry Maucci Michael Zerang, Jean Luc Cappozzo, Siegfried Kessler and many other musicians.

He performs solo since the release of "Lenox Avenue" (2008). More recently, he was the guest musician, concert in Table "A life, death"; show Arfi, with Jean Mereu, Laurence Bourdin and Jean Aussanaire.

He participated in the recording of thirty five albums on his own initiative. During tours, he played in Portugal, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Greece, Pakistan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, United States, Mali, China ... .

Throughout his career as a bassist attentive, Bernard Santacruz has developed a sound and phrasing as well as personal attitude of high availability in the areas of free jazz and improvised music.



Reggie Nicholson:
drummer, percussionist and composer is a native of Chicago, Illinois. While performing with many musicians in Chicago, such as Jon Logan, Von Freeman, Vince Willis, Byther Smith, Fred Nelson III and Orbit Davis, Nicholson’s reputation as an outstanding drummer was established.

In 1979, Nicholson became a member of the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM). During this time, Nicholson developed a musical relationship with all the members of the AACM including Muhal Richard Abrams, Steve McCall, Edward Wilkerson, Jr., Henry Threadgill, Phil Cohran, Joseph Jarman, Mwata Bowden, Ernest Dawkins, Douglas Ewart, Rita Warford, Amina Claudine Myers & Anthony Braxton.

Since relocating to New York City in 1988, Nicholson has performed with a wide variety of Jazz and New Music luminaries such as Don Pullen, Jon Hendricks, Billy Bang, Butch Morris, Reuben Wilson, Melvin Sparks, Abdullah Ibrahim, Sonny Rollins, Hamiet Bluiett, Myra Melford , Thomas Borgmann, Wilber Morris and Roy Campbell.

Nicholson has performed in many noted festivals throughout Europe, Asia and the United States including, Chicago, North Sea, Saalfelden, Verona, Knitting Factory- NYC, Red Sea, Tampere, Moers, Nancy, just to name a few.

The instantly recognizable style and sound of his drumming and his music has elevated Nicholson as one of the most distinctive, inventive and inspirational composer and percussionist of his generation. also: the history of this trio



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